Project Date: March 2017
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999

Erin actively researched options and checked with us every step of the way, even accompanying us as we went to various sources of hardscape and plantings. She has an astute eye for color and textures, as well as an extensive knowledge of plants and trees and which ones will do well in the given climate. Her design sense is superb, and our new installation (pergola/shade structure, landscaping) has garnered consistent praise from our neighbors. She is a pleasure to work with. Her wealth of experience helped us avoid bad choices we might have otherwise made. Unlike many designers who simply give you a plan and move on, Erin meticulously coordinated with the landscapers and oversaw their work on a daily basis. Erin takes ownership of the quality of the job and works closely with the landscapers to make sure the job matches the plan and is done right…

Project Date: May 2015
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999

Erin’s Gardens provided my husband and me with high quality landscaping at a price we could afford. We couldn’t be more pleased with her artistic results, which we enjoy on a daily basis. plus have gotten lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. We moved into a fairly new house almost two years ago – very nice on the inside and not so on the outside – yuccas fallen over, walking tiles broken… It was a challenging job. Her questions to us in terms of what we wanted were thoughtful, design plans were provided promptly and were detailed in a way that helped us make decisions plus provided room for changes. Erin was able to get us a xeric rebate (and did the calculations), so that the city gave us over $500 credit on our water bills.

My husband and I had very distinct opinions about how we wanted our garden to look, and Erin helped us achieve our goals to have a garden that we both take enormous pleasure from. Our dogs had destroyed the old yard and now have a wonderful flagstone, dirt free area to play ball in. She helped us design a beautiful cactus garden for my husband’s voluminous cacti in the front and east side, and a lovely, shaded sitting area with a ramada, flagstone and xeric planting beds in the back garden.

Erin brings a wealth of knowledge in terms of choosing the best plants and trees, plus has much experience with the ins and outs of construction and can advise accordingly. Erin designed the ramada around two carved posts from Mexico I had purchased years before, which pleased me greatly. The construction firms she chose to do the work were top notch. She coordinated all of the different workers and was on site to assure everything was built out according to plan. To top it off, we have a gorgeous, eight point Moroccan style water fountain tiled with aqua-hued stained glass designed by Erin. In short, she took into consideration all our desires and needs and helped us achieve something wonderful and much more livable. Our outside spaces have truly been transformed in a most attractive way which we appreciate every day. A big, flowery thank you to Erin’s Gardens!

Project Date: July 2014
Project Price: less than $1,000
Erin did an excellent job refreshing an area of our back yard that she designed over 10 years ago. She had plants removed, the ground tilled and amended (our soil is like clay), selected plants that are drought tolerant and in our color scheme. In addition to this, she gave the existing plants the loving the attention (pruning, thinning, etc,) they deserve and don’t get from me. She accomplished all of this while my husband and I were on vacation and she stayed within our budget; I knew I could trust her judgment, and didn’t worry about a thing, yet, she was good to communicate with us us via phone each step of the way. I returned home to a back yard in which I want to spend more time. Thanks, Erin!

Project Date: October 2013
Project Price: $10,000 – $49,999
Erin’s Gardens did a great job for me. She has exquisite taste, very artistic, and conscientious about drought tolerant plants.
She also worked well with the pool guy so they worked together in planning everything. I highly recommend her!!!!